November 4, 2015


Co-Founder Aubrie Canfield gives a TedX Orlando talk on the origins of Actuality Media.

We create transformative educational experiences and connect an international community of storytellers through global documentary outreach.

We aim to build a collective of filmmakers, journalists, artists, writers, photographers, and educators who work together to tell stories about solutions that better our world.


We believe in the bright side. In the face of adversity both large and small, we are confident that a solution can be found. Everyone can use their passion and abilities to be changemaker.

Teamwork is difficult because people are different but we know there is power in synergy. We choose to leverage our differences so that our work together can be greater than anything we could accomplish alone.

Life is for living and living is learning. We strive to continually expand our comfort zone by always being open to new lessons, experiences and perspectives.


The world is awash in stories of no consequence. There is a shortage of good works; a serious lack of positive inspiration. The rallying cry of a social movement only lasts until the next big trend. To make an impact, an audience needs to be engaged; an audience wants to feel a connection. To do this, viewers should be swept away on a memorable journey to hear a story that matters. To make this happen, a new tribe of Storytellers is needed.

Our inspiration comes from the world of changemakers; individuals who are dedicated to solving a social or environmental issue within their community, whose work is deserving of greater attention. Our crews are charged with finding a subject and a story within this world, a story that they feel called to highlight. The films that result are positive media with far- reaching benefits. They will always be free to view and share.

To tell stories that become legacies, we build upon what has come before us. There is a common thread - a timeless structure that is shared by all lasting myths, sagas, legends and narratives. We leverage this structure in all Actuality Media films order to enable our crews to tell the best story possible in a uniquely difficult creative situation. This reliance on structure elevates the innovative ideas we expect from our crews. Plans always change in real life. Always. Part of our planning is preparing for that change, and it is essential.

We don’t shoot “b” roll. We always shoot with purpose.

There is nothing we can’t do as storytellers as long as we remain honest and ethical.

Traveling with Actuality Media is a transformative experience. Teamwork is challenging. Adventures are uncomfortable. Change gets messy. We succeed together when obstacles are anticipated as a welcome challenge. We do not dictate the stories that are told but we will be adamant when we know films can be better. Although we bring together strangers to make films, it will be friends that depart when the story ends.

We are not just telling good stories. We are building a collective of world changing storytellers.


Aubrie Canfield

Lead, Development


Robin Canfield

Lead, International Programs