Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can apply?
A: Our past crew members have included enrolled university students, young professionals, and adults interested in expanding their knowledge about documentary production. Anyone 18 years or older with an adventurous spirit may apply.

Q: Is production experience required?
A: No. Actuality Media programs are educational in nature. We will teach you what you need to know.

Q: What does the program fee include?
A: The program fee covers all your expenses in-country except for mid-day meals and your visa fee. Students receive documentary instruction and support, shared housing, two meals each day, ground transportation for production and on arrival/departure days, use of production and editorial equipment, use of group meeting facilities, one tourist excursion, legal documents, visa documents, translator access, a local cell phone per crew, and access to emergency assistance.Airfare to the program location is not included in the program fee.

Q: What is the production schedule?
A: Crews will work Monday - Friday with weekends off. The first week is focused on research. The second week is focused on prep. The third week is focused on shooting. The fourth week is focused on editorial. The day to day schedule will vary based on crew, changemaker and subject requirements. Students can expect 8 - 10 hour work days during the week.

Q: What is the housing and food like?
A: Students will stay in a secure traveler’s hostel, in multi-bunkbed, mixed gender dorm rooms. Bathrooms and showers are usually communal. The meals provided will be typical local style food that varies each day. Most locations can accommodate vegetarians, but the fare may be less varied.

Q: Can I choose the crew I work with?
A: If you and your friends are applying, indicate on your application and you can choose to work together on the same crew.

Q: Do we need to bring equipment?
A: No. A production package is provided to each crew that includes all production and editorial equipment you will need. Students may choose to bring additional gear to supplement their production packages if they wish.

Q: Do I need to speak the language?
A: No. A translator will be made available to each crew by their partner changemaker.

Q: Should I travel before/after the program?
A: Yes! If you can, students are strongly encouraged to travel the country or region of the world and explore either before or after their program.

Q: How can I apply?
A: Visit to begin your application.


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