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If you have received an Invitation To Travel from Actuality Media, this is the page where you can submit your Participation Fee.

Participation Dates:

As stated in the Participant Agreement issued to every person invited to travel on a program with Actuality Media, each participant is expected to arrive at a specified location in-country on the official Arrival Day. All participants will be contacted beforehand for specific arrival information so transportation arrangements can be made.

Standard Refund Policy for Program Participants:

Any participant may cancel his/her arrangement to participate in one of our programs by giving written notice to Actuality Media.

If notification is given more than sixty (60) days prior to the start date of the program, a refund of the Participation Fee will be issued minus the initial deposit, and minus processing fees. If a participant cancels his/her arrangement to participate in a program sixty (60) days or less before the Program start date, no monies will be refunded under any circumstances. In this instance fifty percent (50%) of the fees paid may be applied to participation in future programs, minus the initial deposit, and minus processing fees.

Outreach Deposit Payment

All Locations Deposit


Outreach Balance Payment

Da Nang, Vietnam
July 6 – August 4, 2019


Outreach Balance Payment

Jodhpur, India
June 1 – June 30, 2019


Outreach Balance Payment

San Ignacio, Belize
June 22 – July 21, 2019


Initial Partial Payment

All Locations Partial


Belize Partial Payment

San Ignacio, Belize


India Partial Payment

Jodhpur, India


Vietnam Partial Payment

Da Nang, Vietnam


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